The sun was shining down and he was running through the green grass still wet with morning dew. The adrenaline is flowing he needs to get to the trees on the far side of the field and into cover. The enemy snipers are somewhere out there somewhere.

Ok, well maybe that was just how I felt as a kid when I would run through fields with my BB gun. BB guns and American kids have a long history. I was a super sniper with rabbits and squirrels. Since I first watched movies I have been obsessed with guns.

Like so many kids in the USA even Ralphie from “The Christmas Story” my first BB gun was a Red Ryder. A few years later I went from that to a Daisy Powerline 880. From there I got a rimfire 22 rifle. All of my early experience with BB guns helped me with my shooting later in life.

If you are thinking about getting a BB gun for your child who is under 14 I would recommend getting a low powered spring BB gun. They are generally strong enough to go through a pop can. Not strong enough to punch through much skin if they have an accident. I would still be enough to “Shoot your eye out” so you should make them always wear some sort of eye protection. I would recommend getting more stylish eye protection so they will keep wearing it even when out of site of you.

Here are some examples of some really cool eye protection. (at least in my opinion)