I have been interested in BB guns since I was a kid. I begged my parents for one until they gave in and got me my Red Ryder BB Gun for my 10th birthday. I could only shoot it when my dad was around and only at pop cans but it was still awesome. I can still remember how excited I was opening the box. They were of course worried that I would shoot my eye out. So with my Daisy Red Ryder came a pair of safety glasses.


Skip forward a few years and I had a Daisy Powerline 880 in my arsenal. I also got permission to shoot European Starlings. The problem with European Starlings is that they are an invasive species and they don’t build there own nests they steal them from other birds.

So I didn’t just get permission but $0.50 a bird. It may not seem like much but when your allowance for a bunch of farm work is $0.25 a day it was a goldmine. It was on I started hunting them on the farm the next day.

The problem was that there really weren’t that many starlings on our land and after about a week and $5 in my pocket and then payed for more BBs they were virtually extinct. After that I started hunting rabbits and squirrels. Since I had to eat all of those I hunted I became pretty good at cleaning rabbits and stopped shooting squirrels. (The work just wasn’t worth it.)

Now fast forward to today and I don’t live on a farm anymore so I can’t just go hunting for rabbits whenever I want to or without a hunting license. Here is a link to the beginning of that work in progress. Air Rifle Hunting Laws

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