Cheapest Full Auto BB Gun

umarexSome people have been asking what is the cheapest fully automatic BB gun? Really the answer to that depends on how much you plan on shooting it. The price of shooting any gun will go up with how much you will be using it.

The more you will be shooting the gun the more you want options for a HPA or large CO2 tank. Small CO2 cartridges, like you use on a conventional semi-auto BB pistol, can get expensive in a short time. However there are some guns that have such a low cost it doesn’t really matter.

One good gun with full auto capability is the Umarex Steel Storm which features.

  • Six round full auto burst
  • Holds 2 CO2 cartridges.
  • Holds 200 BBs
  • Has two rails for accessories
  • Costs much less than alternatives

You won’t get the feet per second out of the Steel Storm that you would out of a Drozd Blackbird but considering that it is $200 less it is still worth having.

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  1. tia E says:

    yo i want this gun

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